Vision 2020 for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans have suffered the worst war in Europe after World War II. Now, 20 years after the Dayton Accords brought peace to this war-torn nation, the country is still struggling with ethnic and other divisions. Constitutional reforms are needed but politicians can not agree to move forward. Last year, the… Continue reading Vision 2020 for Bosnia and Herzegovina


On March 11th 2005, the WYLN hosted Chinese and Tibetan artists for a peace concert in Dharamsala, India. The event was held at the Tibetan Center for Performing Arts and was filled beyond capacity with people interested in hearing Chinese and Tibetan artists perform together. Due to the over-capacity crowd, television monitors were set up… Continue reading India

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WYLN organized and co-sponsored the “Multi-ethnic Co-existence: Experiences and Lessons” conference held in June 2006 in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference was organized around the idea that Asian regional youth cooperation is very important for international stability and growth. WYLN will hold a second conference in January 2007 when an action plan endorsed by all Asian… Continue reading Thailand

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Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan

We intend to transfer knowledge on how nonviolent movements can promote political change and achieve transparency and accountability. Civil society activists are often apathetic in regards to promoting political change when they live under authoritarian and corrupt regimes. We will show how thinking and planning strategically can in fact allow for the emergence of peaceful… Continue reading Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan


WYLN President, Dr. Sasha Toperich, along with Dr. Yessito Corine, WYLN medical advisor in Benin, handed over donation in value of $350.000 to Minister of Health of Republic of Benin, H. E. F. Gambo. At the ceremony, Dr. Yessito received a WYLN plaque in recognition of her work in helping Benin fight against poverty.


President Dr. Sasha Toperich handed over medical donation to Iraqi Government In presence of the Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, H. E. Krunoslav Vasilj and the Ambassador of Republic of Iraq to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, H. E. Sa’ad J. Al – Hayani, WYLN President Sasha Toperich handed… Continue reading Iraq


WYLN sent 40 computers to the Benin Education Center in Natitingou. Also, in partnership with the Benin Education Fund,WYLN provided 11 scholarships specifically dedicated for students who have no means to provide for their own education. Both the Education Center and Education Fund are run by WYLN Africa Chairman, Alphonse I. Kouagou. WYLN is supporting… Continue reading Benin

Bosnia and Herzegovina

In partnership with the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia & Herzegovina, WYLN sent over 100 computers to schools in rural areas of the country. We believe that, in the post-war reconstruction and rebuilding phase of B&H, it is imperative that young students in remote villages have access to the Internet so they can have… Continue reading Bosnia and Herzegovina


In cooperation with the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), UNICEF and the UN Civil Unit, WYLN donated 40 computers and a large shipment of books to help develop local infrastructure and empower students in Liberia through increased access to information and increased exposure to modern technology. On November 30th, WYLN President Sasha Toperich performed… Continue reading Liberia


In partnership with the Youth Center for African Development, WYLN will support an IT center in Nigeria designed to help Nigerian youth to create sustainable action plan for their empowerment programs and negotiations with their government. WYLN will also provide medications requested specifically for youth-related issues to hospitals throughout the country.