WYLN sent 40 computers to the Benin Education Center in Natitingou. Also, in partnership with the Benin Education Fund,WYLN provided 11 scholarships specifically dedicated for students who have no means to provide for their own education. Both the Education Center and Education Fund are run by WYLN Africa Chairman, Alphonse I. Kouagou.
WYLN is supporting further development of the Benin Education Center which will eventually be comprised of a school, IT center and library. In addition, WYLN Advisor Joan Lebach has agreed to dedicate two weeks of every year to teaching English at the Center.
In further cooperation with the Benin Education Fund, WYLN is in discussions with the Government of Benin to purchase land and build factory facilities that will provided high wages and stable employment for the youth of the region. The WYLN factory facilities will be integrated with the Benin Education Center and Education Fund to provide more educational opportunities for local youth.