Shoko and Yoni Golan

Yony Golan was born in Hedera, Israel 1980. When he was 8, he joined the “The Federation of Working and Studying Youth” an Israeli youth movement, a sister movement of the Labor party. The movement was founded in 1924 by the Youth in order to defend their rights.

At the age 15, Yoni had his first encounter with the Holocaust, visiting Poland and Czech Republic’s concentration camps. After this trip, Yoni got involved in organizing memorials for the Holocaust.

Yoni graduated from the Business School in at the University in Netanya.

After completing his studies, he moved to Japan where he was teaching English in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture. In Japan, Yoni learned Japanese language and has fell in love with the Japanese culture. He also visited Yaotsu to pay tribute to Chiune Sugihara and to learn more about his story.

Yoni also found his love in Japan and later on married, now Mrs. Shoko Golan.

Shoko Golan was born in 1979 in Mie prefecture in Japan. Since her early age, her mother taught her and guided her to help other human beings and that kindness to human beings and to animals are of highest importance in life. In the elementary school, Shoko san learned for the first time of the problems of racism and discrimination and she actively participated in discussions on this issue. She worked as a volunteer at the animal help organization, at the homes for children with special needs and she also helped foreigners with their language barriers in Japan. Shoko san developed interest in projects contributing to the international peace and also to in learning the history of the Holocaust. Shoko san played Badminton at the Mie prefecture league and on the national level, where her team ranked 1st.

Yoni and Shoko Golan currently live in Israel where Yoni works as the economist at the Bank Leumi in Tel Aviv and Shoko is learning Hebrew language in school.