Roman V. Yanushevsky

Roman V. Yanushevsky was born in 1979 in Russia. At the age 14, Roman went to the US as part of the foreign exchange student program IEF (International Educational Forum). In 1995, he graduated from the Farmington High School in Farmington, MO and returned to his hometown Ufa to finish his studies in Linguistic gymnasium… Continue reading Roman V. Yanushevsky

Anne Akabori

Anne Akabori was born in Sacramento, CA, and continues to maintain her home there.  Anne has traveled extensively throughout the USA as well as other countries, including Japan, Canada, Germany, Israel, China, and Lithuania as spokesperson for the Visas for Life Foundation, founded as an educational non-profit organization in 1997, by Hiroki Sugihara, and Anne… Continue reading Anne Akabori

Jasmin Mahmuzic

Jasmin Mahmuzic was born in Sarajevo in 1973. He graduated with the degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Sarajevo and holds a Masters degree in Economics from the same University. He received his MBA degree at the University of Delaware. With the grant from the U.S. State Department in 1999, Mr. Mahmuzic furthered… Continue reading Jasmin Mahmuzic

Shmulik A. Bass

Shmulik A. Bass was born in 1963 in Israel.  Already at an early age, he was an exceptional student, skipping 8th year classes and moving faster in his education process. From 1981-1987, he served in the Israel Defense Force as a programmer, system designer and systems analyst. He graduated from the Tel Aviv University with… Continue reading Shmulik A. Bass

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