Shmulik A. Bass

Shmulik A. Bass was born in 1963 in Israel.  Already at an early age, he was an exceptional student, skipping 8th year classes and moving faster in his education process. From 1981-1987, he served in the Israel Defense Force as a programmer, system designer and systems analyst. He graduated from the Tel Aviv University with honors in 1989.

Mr. Bass worked at the Ministry of Communication as an engineer until 1991 when Mr. Bass joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 1993–1995 Mr. Bass studied Japanese at the Waseda University in Tokyo. He was appointed second secretary at the Embassy of Israel in Canberra, Australia in 1996. In 1999 Mr. Bass became Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of Israel in Nicosia, Cyprus. From 2001–2003 he served as Assistant to the Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem. From 2003–2007 Mr. Bass served as the counselor for Political Affairs, Culture and Information at the Israeli Embassy in Tokyo.

Currently Mr. Bass work at both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel and at the Tel Aviv University. He is married and has three children.