Mediterranean Women in Leadership and Civil Society Conference Held in Sarajevo

November 8 – 12, 2013

WYLN co-organized the “Mediterranean Women in Leadership and Civil Society” conference held in Sarajevo, from November 8 to 12, 2013. The conference was organized with the goal of energizing dialogue and communication among the countries of the Mediterranean region at the grassroots level. The conference was divided into two parts: first one was dedicated to women in leadership issues, and the second to civil society issues in the Mediterranean region. Leading women and men from the public and private sector from 15 countries, as well as the representatives of NGO’s from North Africa, Southeast Europe, the EU, and the US participation. Doaa Abdelaal (Board Member, Women Living Under Muslim Laws – Egypt), Intisar Azzuz(Founder, Madinaty – Libya), Anissa Naqrachi (President, ANSFR – Morocco), Nadia Ait-Zai (Founder, Center for Information and Documentation on the Rights of Children and Women, CIDDEF – Algeria), Dalia Abd el-Hameed (Gender and Women’s Right Program Officer, Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, EIPR – Egypt),Samra Filipovic – Hadziadic, (Director, Agency for Gender Equality – Bosnia and Herzegovina), Tanja Fajon, (Member of the European Parliament), Vanessa Noel Brown (Foreign Affairs Officer, MEPI, Department of State – USA),  M’hamed En-Nosse (Morocco), Nada Drobnjak (Director, Agency for Gender Equality – Monte Negro), Stana Bozovic (Secretary of State, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Policy – Serbia),Karmela Gajdek (Director, Agency for Gender Equality – Croatia), Emily Dyer, (Research Fellow, Henry Jackson Institute – UK), Marianne Laanatza, (Executive Advisor at think thank – Sweden), Najla Abbes, (Co-founder, League of Tunisian Voters – Tunisia), Ghazi Ben Ahmed, (President, MDI – Tunisia),Valery Perry (Chief of Party of the International Law and Policy Group, PILPG – USA), Susan Ness, (Senior Fellow, CTR- SAIS – USA),  Renata Stuebner, (United States Institute for Peace, USA), Steven Steiner(United States Institute for Peace, USA), Andras Simonyi, (Managing Director, CTR – SAIS), Michael Haltzel, (Senior Fellow, CTR – SAIS), Dzemal Hodzic, (EU Delegation – Bosnia-Herzegovina).

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