Two concerts for youth of Yaotsu, remebering Japanese diplomat – Mr Chiune Sugihara

Two concerts for youth of Yaotsu, remembering Japanese diplomat – Mr. Chiune Sugihara

After eight years, WYLN President Dr.Sasha Toperich, returned to Yaotsu, GIFU Prefecture, Japan. He performed two concerts for youth of Yaotsu organized by the WYLN, Town Hall and City Government. High school students discussed issues of world peace with Dr. Toperich and comitted themselves to learn and act in the future with compassion towards the young people in need.

Maestro Toperich was greeted by the Mayor of Yaotsu, Mr. Shingo Akatsuka and WYLN Chairman in Japan, Mr. Shinichiro Okuyama, addressed the audience while NHK TV recorded both concerts. At the end of the concert, the youth of Yaotsu sang a song to Mr. Toperich and promised to work hard and learn about United Nations Millennium Development Goals, so that in the future they can know how to contribute to Global youth development and world peace. The youth pledged to follow the example of Mr. Chuine Sugihara whose courage and determination saved over 6000 lives during WWII. In commemoration of his courage, WYLN Leadership paid their respect to Mr. Chuine Sugihara at the Sugihara Memorial Center in Yaotsu.

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